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My name is Roopa Nalam. I have had a life long passion for science and math. At some point during high school, I wanted to become a physician scientist (even before I knew exactly what that term meant). So, I went on to study biochemisty and mathematics at Tulane University and, after graduating, moved to Houston to pursue a dual MD/PhD degree in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Baylor College of Medicine. It took 9 long years of blood, sweat, and tears, but I finished successfully (the banner on my page is actually an image from a cover I did for the journal Molecular Endocrinology in an issue that published some of my work that I did during my thesis under Dr. Martin M. Matzuk). After toying with the idea of switching gears a bit and entering the field of Public Health/Preventive Medicine, I actually entered the Internal Medicine residency program at Baylor College of Medicine and have just completed my training. Being a person with broad interests from an early age (which I think this bio makes obvious), I have found it difficult to pinpoint exactly what the best next step should be for my career. I’m hoping that this blog will be just as informative to myself as to my audience. I want to delve into some of the biggest happenings of the pharmaceutical industry and really discover how drugs get their start, getting back to my roots of just wanting to make medicine that helps people.



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